About Us


Before the idea takes root, before any initiative, campaign or promotion develops, we begin with the energy to challenge assumptions and solve intractable problems. The type of energy that builds momentum and turns a half empty glass into one three-quarters full.

This vitality feeds our interdisciplinary approach to business development and marketing; by not only creating prime opportunities but ensuring clients get the most from them. By integrating marketing, public relations, merchandising and promotional initiatives as the project dictates, our expertise in marketing through the many classes of trade in the U.S. leads to increased opportunities for product distribution and higher brand visibility.

Take a look at an example or two to see results that speak for themselves.

We accomplish this with a small in-house team of experienced consultants which means your project is always managed by a senior team member.

In addition, we have an exceptional network of highly specialized associates working seamlessly with our consultants to research, create and deliver whatever we need to give your project traction.

Meet our key people:

Peter Laitmon - President

Merilyn E. Konnerth - Director, Merchandising, Fashion & Design

Giuseppe Boni - Marketing Consultant, Italy

Francesco Nepi - Marketing Consultant, Switzerland

Marco De Plano - Branding Consultant