Barter as a Marketing Tool

Bartering is the oldest form of trade known to mankind. The reason for this is simple: Barter works, and is extremely versatile.

Most of us are familiar with the concept of bartering, or trading products or services for other products or services of equal value. But in a modern business environment, barter can be more complex, which probably explains why many companies overlook the efficiency and versatility of bartering as a modern marketing tool. In doing so, they deny themselves the tactical advantage of using "cost of goods" dollars to pay for products or services they need.

The most common form of barter used today involves exchanging a product for "payment" for media during a product launch. That media then is used to advertise the launch. See our Peugeot example for more details.

But barter also can be used for many other transactions - even to obtain raw materials or components needed in the manufacturing process. Bartering also offers a great solution for reducing excess inventory.


The secrets of successful bartering is ensuring equal value of goods or services received. Laitmon founder, Peter Laitmon has a history of brokering successful barter transactions dating from his tenure as an executive at a company engaged in large corporate barter transactions. Laitmon understands how important it is that the barter company be contractually responsible for how the client's product or service is remarketed, providing incremental sales without any disruption to the brand's existing distribution network.

If you think barter might be able to contribute to your company's goals, we invite you to contact us to explore some options.