Introducing Deltacalor

Deltacalor is an Italian manufacturer of towel warmers and radiators.

They were conducting due diligence with regard to U.S. expansion and had identified 3 potential obstacles. A client referred them to us for a second opinion to aid them in their decision.

The potential obstacles Deltacalor had identified were:
  • Whether the European love of towel warmers would translate to the U.S.
  • Volatile Euro/Dollar exchange rates
  • Diminished U.S. enthusiasm for new business ventures

A review of the line showed a quality product with much better pricing than the English made competition. After a competitive review we were convinced Deltacalor could build a position of authority in the category.

The first thing we did was to refocus the product benefit to promote towel "drying" rather than "warming". While the luxury of a warm towel is indisputable, we felt that stressing the functional aspect of "drying" was appropriate given the current backlash against overindulgence.

Then we caught a lucky break. We heard the Museum of Art and Design in New York City were planning a radiator exhibit called Totally Rad. We submitted two radiators (as opposed to towel warmers) and they were immediately and enthusiastically accepted for exhibition. We used the impetus of the March, 2009 opening to attract the attention of major distributors.

After talking with these distributors we realized there was significant interest in the towel warmers in addition to the radiators.

We contacted the largest high-end bathroom fixture distributor in the U.S. They met with Deltacalor at a trade show in Frankfurt and are now in discussion with them on a number of projects encompassing distribution, co-marketing and private label opportunities.

Around this time a decision was also made to electrify some of Deltacalor's hydraulic models for U.S. distribution. The next step will be to begin the application process for Underwriter's Laboratory and ETL certification so as to market the line in the U.S. without compliance issues.

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