Remarketing excess inventory

It's not hard to sell excess inventory by dumping it for pennies on the dollar.

We prefer to remarket creatively and maximize value, but the advantage of our approach is not just monetary.

In most cases excess inventory is not planned for, and companies become unfocused when unexpectedly faced with committing resources to

remarketing old product. This disrupts day to day operations and demoralizes sales people, who would naturally rather be selling the latest thing, rather than pushing older stock.

With a background in advertising, barter and sales promotion, as well as a stint as CEO of the Odd Lot Stores, Laitmon principal, Peter Laitmon enjoys the contacts, relationships, resources and affiliations to achieve a better outcome for disposal of excess inventory.


First, we look to sell to quality distribution channels in the U.S., or internationally. If a cash solution proves unattainable, next we investigate high-value barter scenarios.

By taking the problem off your hands, sometimes literally by taking a position on the goods, clients avoid the disruption of venturing into unfamiliar territory, while enjoying a much better return.

Remarketing often results in incremental sales, and can also lead to new revenue streams through relationships created in the liquidation process.

The bottom line is: creatively remarketing excess inventory pumps up your bottom line.

Take a look at how we handled two specific remarketing challenges for our clients. The Giftware came to us as a result of a decision to close a business, and the sizeable battery merchandise was the product of a corporate barter transaction where Ray O Vac was the client.



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