Launching your product in the U. S.

The American marketplace can be the most rewarding on earth.

It can also be the most unforgiving. And it's certainly the most demanding.

Even Fortune100 Companies have launched brands that fail, in this sophisticated, diverse, and rapidly evolving environment.

To maximize the chance of success; the decision to start distributing a product in the U.S. needs careful consideration and meticulous planning.

Our expertise begins with a clear understanding of marketing, sales and distribution practices across many classes of trade in the US market.

It extends to guidance with the legal and financial issues non-US companies need to navigate successfully, to compete against domestic manufacturers who are extremely protective of their market share. When necessary we can collaborate with the legal and financial communities to provide the basis for joint ventures.

In specific instances Laitmon has taken a position as "master distributor" to further facilitate a foreign company's successful introduction into the U.S.


It's vital to have as much information and data as possible on your product category, including available options for distribution channels. (E.g. retail chains, mass merchandisers, e-commerce, department stores, discount drug stores, specialty stores, etc.)


Too often foreign companies adopt a piecemeal approach to their U.S sales and marketing objectives.

They attend a few trade shows hoping to secure distribution with little in the way of marketing or business plans, and without the resources to properly evaluate any U.S. contacts they may make.

The most common mistake is engaging a distributor to "run the show" which often creates a whole new set of problems.

In short, the decision to appoint a U.S. representative, distributor or importer should be an integral part of the business and marketing plan rather than an after thought.

We work with you to address these issues by:

  • Developing a business and or marketing plan
  • Formulating an in-depth competitive review
  • Determining the applicability for joint ventures
  • Conducting market research, sampling, testing
  • Evaluating merchandising, promotion and public relations needs
  • Preparing collateral (including sales sheets & price sheets) for distribution channels
  • Analyzing sales potential in non-traditional categories (e.g. incentive, direct marketing, co-marketing and co-promotion initiatives)

Legal & Financial