Legal Issues

Due to the complex, heavily regulated nature of the American legal system, expert counsel in specialized areas is a prerequisite for a smooth, uncomplicated and profitably foreign business venture.

A seemingly straightforward business transaction can often raise a host of legal issues. Since litigation in U.S. courts is inevitably expensive and time-consuming, preventive legal counsel is essential.

PLI offers in-depth, personalized and experienced evaluation of the following legal considerations.


  • Compliance with customs and other entry regulations
  • How to minimize or eliminate import duties and the effects of quotas and other no-tariff barriers

Marketing and Distribution

  • How laws governing pricing, competition, distribution, intellectual property and importation affect the choice and development of product marketing and distribution.

Business Form, Organization, and Relationships

  • Analysis of one, or a combination of various distributorship, agency, partnership and/or corporate arrangements and the potential effects of such arrangements on control, growth, profitability, liability and confidentiality.
  • Establishing the optimum combination of business arrangements and entities.

Real Estate

  • Acquisition and maintenance of property
  • Evaluation of zoning environmental and tax concerns
  • Site investigation and selection.
Financial Issues

Financial considerations will also play a part in decisions having long range consequences.

We have significant contacts in the area of foreign currency and exchange controls, general banking arrangements and the examination of available capital sources and credit.

These affiliates are well versed in accessing government assistance programs, participation in equity and bond markets, and financial reporting and disclosure requirements.


  • Satisfaction of federal, state, and local reporting requirements including those especially applicable to multinational enterprises.
  • Avoiding or limiting "double taxation"